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Cinemeccanica DPC-80 SERIE II

Cinemeccanica DPC-80 SERIE II

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Оригинальное описание Cinemeccanica DPC-80 SERIE II:

Possibility of employing lamps up to 8000W (get
20% more light output than the actual 6500W).
Possibility to stack a couple of DPC-80 projectors
for the 3D double projection configuration (this
allows a 3D projection on screen up to 25m
wide with Dolby, XpanD 3D and Master Image
Strong steel structure with aluminium removable
panels to facilitate the maintenance.
Touch multicolour control panel.
Plug and play feature for Dolby 3D kit.

Cold main elliptical + spherical mirror in glass
with diameter 328mm.
Cold flat mirror in glass to tilt the light beam.
Motorized Xenon Bulb self aligning system (for
faster replace of Xenon bulb – Ex 4000w – 6500w
– 8000w).
Exhaust air extractor (200mm diameter) with
micro-switch for airflow control
New liquid cooling circuit with a 5 l steel tank for
a safer and more efficient temperature control.
Ventilation of lamp with pressure chamber.
Uniform air cooling system for the ellipsoidalspherical
and flat cold mirrors.
Optional anamorphic lens holder motorized and
self positioning.
Optional SNMP agent, to provide a local or
remote system monitoring (NOC Cinemeccanica).
Optional pedestal with rack space for housing
server, videoscaler, sat decoder and rectifier.
Ready to be connected to the new
Cinemeccanica TMS Vector 3000.

Digital Tecnology
Digital MicroMirror Device™ with 3 x 1.2” DC2K
dark metal devices - Next-generation electronics
ready for DLP Cinema® Enhanced 4K*
Hermetically sealed DMDs and optical assembly
Full 2K DLP triple flash in 3D projection
Native resolution
2,048x1,080 pixels * upgradable to 4096x2160
4.5kW - 8kW (Xenon Lamp)
Light output
33,000 lumens max
Screen size
Up to 32 m / 105 ft wide
Contrast ratio
Over 2,000:1 (full white/full black)
Digital Video Imputs
2 x SMPTE 292M inputs
2 x DVI inputs
Both selectable as single and dual link
DLP Cinema approved prime lenses
1.25 - 1.45 / 1.4 - 2.05 / 1.6 - 2.35 / 1.8 - 2.8
2.15 - 3.6 / 2.8 - 5.5
Projector Diagnostics interface
via PC touch panel
via Communicator control software
via SNMP agent
Power requirements
3x400V + N + G
Dimensions and weight
51 (H) x 73 (P) x 110 (L) cm - 150 Kgs
Ambient temperature
35°C / 95°F max
Fino a 200 Ampere

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