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Новая цифровая карта кроссоверах для самого популярного кинопроцессора Dolby CP650 позволяет отказаться от применения внешних кроссоверах в кинотеатре. Новая модификация процессора Dolby CP 650 XO позволяет обеспечить более интегрированную и гибкую установку звука в кинотеатре. Карта производит сложное фильтрование (Butterwoth или Linkwitz-Riley фильтерные характеристики) и может использоваться для двухполосной и трехполосной установок громкоговорителей в кинозале.

  • Эта карта располагается над Dolby Digital Surraund bEX Decording Card последней версии внутри CP650 и имеет шесть семмитричных каналов выхода аналогово звука на 25-pin D-connector. При двухполосной crossover-системе Crossover Card обеспечива на выходе карты звуковые сигналы для ВЧ-секций громкоговориелей, а при трехполосной системе - сигналы для СЧ- и ВЧ-секций громкоговорителей. В обоих случаях, для получения низкочастотных сигналов для каждого канала (НЧ-секций) используются выходы процессора CP650 для каналов заэкранных громкоговорителей.
  • При необходимости, для обеспечения правильного воспроизведения фонограмм от таких источников как 8-канальный PCM , рты может быть преобразована для воспроизведения вплоть до пяти передних каналов - левого, дополнительного левого, центрального, дополнительного правого, правого. В этом режиме левый, центральный и правый каналы могут использоваться в двухполосном режиме, а дополнительный левый и дополнительный правый как полночастотные каналы.
  • Установка карты проста, а все параметры полностью контролируются новейшим операционным пграммным обеспечением процессора CP650 PC. Новое программное обеспечение процессора CP650 содержит базу данных по всем популярным типам кинотеатральных громкоговорителей, базу временных установок задержек для двухполосных и трехполосных систем.
  • Кинопроцессор CP650XO - звуковой пцессор цифровых форматов Dolby Digital Surraund EX и Dolby Digital , а также аналоговых форматов Dolby со встроенной платой активных цифровых кроссоверов для двухполосных и трехполосных заэкранных громоговорителей (Cat. № 791). Процессор CP650 может быть модернизирован до CP650XO путем установки платы кроссоверов Cat. 791.

Оригинальное описание кинопроцессора Dolby CP650:

The Dolby Cat. No. 791 upgrades your Dolby CP650 to a model CP650XO, the most comprehensive cinema processor available.

Two- or three-way screen speakers can provide added audio impact in your cinema. The Cat. No. 791 card integrates digital speaker crossover networks into your CP650, eliminating the need for a separate crossover unit.

The Cat. No. 791 card offers many other advantages as well:


The CP650 B-chain and crossover alignment procedure is tightly integrated into a single software application, making setup and alignment quick and easy via a laptop PC or the CP650’s front-panel screen. Logical and easy-to-understand commands take you through the whole procedure. Presets are included for many popular loudspeakers, to further speed you through the process.


Every alignment parameter is right at your fingertips and all adjustments are made in real time. An onscreen spectrum analyzer gives you instant feedback on alignment effects. Independent channel-level settings enable perfect level matching of each crossover region. The card provides full-range audio outputs for Le and Re when using full-range or two-way mode.


All audio outputs are differential (balanced) for each frequency band (low/mid/high) to reduce the possibility of ground loops from cables connecting the CP650 to the power amplifiers. All of the audio processing is in the digital domain to ensure the highest possible performance. Additional specific strengths include the interactive choice of filter type, slope, upper and lower cutoff frequencies, and time alignment delay.

Note: You can order a Cat. No. 791 digital crossover card for an existing CP650 that was manufactured after July 2002, or a CP650 that contains at least the “A” revision of the Cat. No. 772 and Cat. No. 774 cards. A Cat. No. 790 must be installed in the CP650 in order to add the Cat. No. 791. For completely new installations, the model CP650XO includes the Cat. No. 791. For complete information, call your Dolby® distributor.

The Dolby CP650 is the best investment you can make in a cinema processor.

The Dolby® CP650 is the only all-digital cinema processor capable of playing back both digital and analog Dolby soundtrack formats. Its high quality, proven reliability, unrivaled versatility, and ease of setup have earned it a place in thousands of flagship cinemas worldwide. It can also accommodate new technologies such as digital cinema, ensuring a long and useful product life.

Four Configurations

For tighter budgets, the CP650SR comes equipped to process Dolby SR and A-type analog soundtracks only, while the most popular configuration, designated CP650D, adds Dolby Digital decoding; neither of these models includes Dolby Digital Surround EX™ decoding or digital audio inputs. However, as your needs change and new formats are introduced, you can upgrade any CP650 configuration with plug-in circuit cards and new software.

The configuration, simply designated CP650, processes Dolby SR and A-type analog, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Surround EX soundtracks. It also provides four AES3 inputs for digital cinema audio. To these features, the top-of-the-line CP650XO adds built-in crossovers for screen speakers, eliminating the need for a stand-alone crossover unit.

Unique Features

Built-in installation tools (including a real-time analyzer and the unique EQ Assist™ system) significantly reduce alignment time. In day-to-day operation, the exceptional Auditorium Assist™ feature can alert you to discrepancies from the sound system’s initial calibration, signaling a fault such as a speaker driver failure.

The CP650 is most efficiently installed and calibrated with the help of a laptop PC running comprehensive setup software (available in several languages). Calibration can also be accomplished using the CP650's front-panel controls and main display. Software upgrades are conveniently accomplished from a PC.

A built-in serial and Ethernet interface accommodate PC control and cinema network connectivity. A built-in bypass power supply helps ensure that the show can continue should a fault occur in the main CP650 power supply.

Choosing Your CP650

The Dolby CP650 is available in a variety of configurations to suit every projection requirement.

In addition, upgrade kits are available that allow new configurations as needed:

UD/650—Upgrades the CP650SR to CP650D (includes Cat. No. 773)
UEX/650—Upgrades the CP650D to CP650 (includes Cat. No. 790)
UXO/650—Upgrades the CP650 to CP650XO (includes Cat. No. 791)

Dolby A-type analog*
Dolby SR analog
Dolby Digital, film sources
Dolby Digital, non-film sources
Dolby Digital Surround EX
Screen speaker crossovers
Le, Re support


*Four A-type processors provided for L, C, R, S on 70 mm mag prints (separate mag preamps required)

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